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About Us

In 1955, our founder, Mr. Th. Ruinemans, sold 2 tropical fish from his private aquarium and found this more lucrative than his job at the time. This was the start of a company that ever since expanded to one of the major wholesalers of live fish today, selling millions of fish around the globe.

Worldwide distribution

At our base in Holland we gained the experience in importing and exporting live tropical fish that has given us a tremendous knowledge we apply today for the distribution of fish to our customers in more than 25 countries. We specialize in top quality fish by using carefully developed health care systems. For each of the many species we sell, our customers can rest assured they will always get the best quality. To transport our fish we use specially treated shipping water, strong bags, oxygen and heat insulating polystyreen boxes. This way, we make sure our top quality product can endure a safe transport period which we warrant for 24 hours.

Your specialist supplier

In short, our company is dedicated to offer our customers all over the world:
• Top quality fish, never trans-shipped
• A constant wide range of species
• Excellent service
• Care for the environment